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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  May 17, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday may 17th. we're following some breaking news. >> a mad dash to a crime scene leaves a philadelphia police officer injured. we're live with the details on this nasty cruiser crash. >> police in delaware county are on the lookout for a man caught taping inappropriate cell phone video and pictures of women. >> after several delays names of people said to be involved in the bridgegate scandal respect scheduled to be released today but then again, we could see another delay. >> all right. well, we're not going to see any delays it sounds like on more rain coming our way. dave murphy has got more on that and karen rogers is taking a look at your traffic. good morning to you. >> there is more rain on the way but it's not here yet tam. we have cloud cover in place
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a-couple sprinkles out to the west, the bulk of the rain farther to the west of us and we expect that to hold off until later in the morning perhaps after the morning rush hour. 55 degrees in philadelphia, 53 in wilmington, 49 degrees currently in allentown. so, once again, a little cool definitely jacket weather as you head outside. line in millville, 56 degrees in cape may. on the bus stop this morning look for lots of clouds mainly dry conditions, 52 by 6 o'clock and 53 by 8 o'clock. and as we roll through the days, it is going to stay cloudy and cool with temperatures in the 50's during the morning and hanging in the low 60's for most of the afternoon. your high is going to be 62 degrees probably at about 1:30 or 2 o'clock and after about 11:00 or 12:00 we'll start to see he some sprinkles and showers build in and then light rain falling for much of the afternoon from about philadelphia down south f you're in northern areas like the lehigh valley you're not going to see as much of this rain. karen, the rain does taper off later tonight and tomorrow gradually gets better. the end of the week really looks a lot b the seven day
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has all those details. >> all right. the roads pretty dry right now. we're looking live at the schuylkill expressway. we had some construction that was causing problems. we still see it off to the shoulder but it is clear. all lanes opened. we're looking much better. this is the schuylkill at conshohocken. eastbound traffic headed towards the curve. we had the right lane blocked but now coming in from paoli or norristown you're looking good. same situation on the vine street expressway. it was closed overnight for construction but we're seeing that westbound traffic move okay. few cars eastbound. so, all cleared and reopened right now. the crews will return again tonight though at 11 o'clock and shut the vine down in both directions. we have police activity out here. annie mccormick has been talking about this on 11th street at south street. 11th street is still blocked in this area of south philadelphia. stick to ninth street or 13th to get around the problems there. in new castle county i-95 and northbound at the brandywine river bridge construction blocks the right lane and the center lane so expect delays there matt and tam. >> okay, karen. let's go back to that story with annie because it's breaking right now. a philadelphia police officer is on the mend this morning
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after a nasty cruiser crash overnight. that happening on south street. again let's go on over to "action news" reporter annie mccormick live there right now. she's got the latest details. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. that police officer is lucky to be okay. take a look at the cruiser involved in that crash right lined me. you can see how mangled it is against that pole there and then you can see all of the debris surrounding it as police here are trying to keep traffic away from the portions of debris around it. now, 45-year-old female police officer was behind the wheel. she is at jefferson hospital and is expected to be okay. wie, take a look at this video. this all unfolded around 2:00 a.m. now, that officer we were just talking about from the third district was responding to a call in the 300 block of south street near randolph where two people reported they were assaulted. now, following the assault, there was a foot pursuit and reports the suspect was armed. now, the female officer was about seven blocks away when she began heading that way
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towards the assault in her cruiser with her lights and sirens activated. she was en route when she collided with a bread truck. >> two civilians that were assaulted by another person and when police responded to that scene, they saw someone fit the description and they got into a foot pursuit and when they were chasing this suspect on foot, that's when this officer who got involved in the auto accident at 11th and south. >> reporter: now, take a look at this video. this is video you'll only see on "action news" of the suspect from that assault at third and south taken into custody following a foot chase. officers arrested him nearby at fifth and south streets and he is currently in custody. now, back out here live again you can see that officers are holding off part of south street. they're now letting some vehicles go down one lane of south street but they're keeping them away from this police cruiser. the accident investigation division is on scene.
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a short time ago they took away the bread truck. now, there's also a number of realtime cameras in this area that police will rely on while doing their investigation. for now reporting live along south street, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you, annie. a construction worker was struck and killed along i-95 in delaware. a minivan hit the worker along the highway in wilmington. he was pronounced dead at christiana hospital. police say the minivan was traveling at a high rate of speed. no word if the driver will face any criminal charges. >> ♪ u.s. attorney's office in new jersey is expected to release a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the bridgegate scandal today. officials say e-mails and texts from top christie aides show that they requested two lanes of the george washington bridge to be shut down in 2013 causing massive traffic jams. christie has always denied having any knowledge of the
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plot. one person who chose to remain anonymous petitioned the judge to not release the names but ultimately lost that battle. however, there's a chance more legal filings could delay the release. also happening today, the national transportation safety board will release their findings on the deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia's port richmond section last year. sources say the report will state that engineer brandon bostian was distracted by information being relayed through radio traffic. eight people were killed and more than two hung were injured. we will have a live report in the next half hour of "action news." >> it is now 5:06 and upper darby police need help catching a plan who takes pictures up a woman's skirt. police say this is the first video they have of the suspect committing the crime of upskirting. it happened as a woman stood in line at the pretzel factory on south 69th street. the man keeps doing it you can see him getting his phone under her skirt until the woman realizes what he's doing. turns around confronts him and
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slaps him. >> it's a shame she didn't knock him out because this derelict is in there doing whatever he's doing, he's a sicko and then you see him run like a little coward, like a captured rat. he gets away. >> this happened last tuesday. upper darby police are asking you to help them identify that suspect. and this man is accused of robbing an upper darby woman who won $6,900 at harass in chester. police say gary taylor followed the woman home and grabbed her purse as she was walking inside. clifton heights police spotted the suspect's vehicle and then there was a chase. when taylor got to a dead end he jumped out and ran. police caught him and found the woman's lottery winnings inside his pants. >> new video here shows a bear on the loose in delaware county. "action news" viewers elite wootton and his mother spotted the black beast in chadds ford. they noticed the bear lurking around.
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the state fish and wildlife commission is aware of the bear's presence. >> talk about accuweather, yesterday was lovely but here you come with rain. >> yes, rain is coming today but there is good news and light at the end of the proverbial tunnel before too much longer, okay. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that the morning commute is very likely going to be dry for most of you. as we take a lookout side we have clouds in place over penn's landing and elsewhere and like yesterday it is a chilly start this morning with a little bit of a breeze blowing. 55 degrees currently in philadelphia. just 49 in allentown and not a lot better down the road in reading, 51 there. 53 in trenton. 53 as you head out the door in wilmington at this hour. 49 in millville and 56 in cape may. future tracker6 showing you that clouds are going to be a part of the package during the morning. and by lunchtime maybe a little bit before then some very light sprinkles and light showers are possible. and then we see a bit more of that as we go up until 3 o'clock. notice two things about this. first of all, the rain itself isn't all that heavy. it's going to be pretty light. secondly the northern suburbs
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may actually miss out on most of this. then we get up to 6 o'clock and the new model run has most of this pushing away and off the coast. and the rest of the evening a couple of light sprinkles and showers around but most of it in south jersey and delaware. it's going to be cloudy up in the lehigh valley today but mainly dry with a high of 64 degrees. you'll actually be a couple of degrees milder up north because you won't have that light rain to deal with. down the shore, cooler next to the ocean water, 60 degrees is your high in most shore communities. cloudy skies and you have those light showers to contend with more a good portion of the afternoon. 62 is the high in philadelphia. cloudy skies. and we have to allow for a bit of that light rain to make it into the city for a time today. winds out of the southwest at six to 12 miles per hour. so, not a washout but cloudy, cool and a little damp today certainly. for the ball game tonight bundle up. it's going to be chilly. fifty six degrees for the first pitch. 53 in the ninth inning but it does look like any lingering showers will be mainly south of the ballpark tonight so hopefully we stay dry. and then overnight tonight we dip to 50 for a low, skill
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cloudy, light rain possible in the evening hours particularly in south jersey and delaware. tomorrow things start to get better. we'll still be stuck in the 60's but we'll go to 66 for a high. and then this low pressure system will be pushing away from us so that if there are any showers left they're probably early in the morning and by the afternoon we get drier and we might even see the return of some sunshine. speaking of which a big area of high pressure comes in after that and both thursday and friday look thumbs up. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 62 today, mainly cloudy a couple of light showers around. tomorrow clouds, some sun, 66 degrees is the high. most of our rain if there's any left will be in the morning. and then thursday and friday both look great. 72 under the sun on thursday. 74 on friday. nice weather for the union. and the phillies in the evening. then for the weekend things change again. cloudy skies on saturday. it is looking more likely there a storm system will come through the region with a period of rain. right now it looks like maybe the afternoon and it could even be a soaking rain depending on which model you look at but that's saturday
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with a high of 65 and then sunday and monday a mix of clouds and sun, milder but there still could be a lingering sprinkle or shower as that low slowly pulls away from us. >> thanks david. still ahead more stories you didn't see last night. several firefighters in western pa are accused of calling in fake emergencies. hear why police say they did it. >> fido and spot may not have to cower under the bed this summer when fireworks and thunderstorms hit. details on a new pill to help pet anxiety. karen. >> we're live in south philadelphia on i-95 here at broad street. ramps are opened this morning. traffic moving nicely. still dry right here and looking good. we're going to check the roads and take towel montgomeryville coming up. >> a michigan couple walks away from a country music concert as a family of three. a little later on "action news."
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>> ♪ >> 5:14. good morning. taking a live look at the platt memorial bridge. we're looking for rain to move into the region but as for the morning commute we're generally dry. >> let's go to karen rogers see what it's like if you're an early morning commuter. good morning. >> good morning. we're dry at this point through the morning but we have a couple issues as you head outside. 309 at dekalb pike looking good. quiet scene. southbound traffic coming from telford or souderton you're not going to have any problems on 309 yet. we have construction overnight causing a problem in bristol township bucks county. durham road closed between new falls road and route 413 for this overnight construction so just stick to 413 to avoid any problems there. we also have construction out there in new castle county. i-95 southbound blocking the
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two right lanes and that's between 896 and the newark toll plaza. this lasts until 7 o'clock in the morning so it's kind of long running and we can see we're already at about 29 miles an hour right near that construction zone so just be careful. that's 29 miles an hour at this hour, you know as the morning progresses that's going to kind of back you up. let's look at the temperatures as you're heading out. 55 degrees, not too bad. 49 in allentown, 49 in millville. remember yesterday morning when we were just in the 30's? so, it's 11 to 14 degrees warmer than yesterday but that doesn't mean it's going to be a nice day. lots of clouds, some light rain especially late morning into the afternoon hours, 62 degrees for your high today. so, cloudy cool and damp, matt. >> thanks, karen. new on "action news" here, police release dramatic 911 call from a kidnapping case in utah the call documents the moments right after several young girls and their mother escaped their captors. >> brought out the gun and started putting it
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>> police arrested flint and dj harrison over the weekend in wyoming. police say the father-son duo had invited the mother and her four daughters over for a barbecue but it was a ruse. the girls are currently in hiding. >> new this morning four central pennsylvania volunteer firefighters are accused of reporting fake emergencies all for the thrill of riding in a fire truck. police say the men called flynn 11, five times in the past five months to report fires that did not exist in logan township. they were probationary members with fewer than 90 days of experience at the united fire department's kennedy trail station. all four have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. the former new hampshire prep school student convicted of sexually assaulting a fellow student is a free man. a judge ordered owen labrie to be released from jail. labrie will be in custody since march after prosecutors say he violated his curfew by
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traveling to boston to visit his girlfriend. labrie was sentence to a year in prison of attacking the 15-year-old girl at an elite private school back in 2014. >> phillies continue their series with the marlins. velasquez gets the start. a lack of hitting contributed to the phillies loss last night. pitcher jerad eickhoff allowed three runs six hits in last night's series opener. he is winless in his last six starts. single game tickets for eagles home games go on sale today. it starts at 10:00 a.m. you can purchase them at the eagles home page, or by calling ticketmaster directly. >> coming up tonight on "action news at 11:00 our nydia han has an extreme case of a home construction project gone very wrong. here's a preview. >> reporter: this historic church is really stunning, isn't it? perhaps you've driven by it and wondered about it am well, i can tell you this. it is now the subject of a lawsuit and right smack in the center of a local family's
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unfortunate situation. >> project we knew that it was going to cost a lot. we sold everything we had to get it. >> reporter: this family says they poured their entire life savings into the project. but now because of a contractor they claim walked off the job, it's turned into a money pit. the $300,000 mistake tonight on channel six "action news" at 11:00. >> 5:18 and still ahead one of the richest men in the world makes a big investment in a company that typically isn't on his radar screen. >> applebee's is playing with fire as they revamp their menu. we'll explain what that means coming up in business news. >> ♪
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america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> happy tuesday. >> thank you very much. >> you made it through only one day and it's time to go outside and check on the roads. this is the platt bridge and, as you head towards the platt bridge traffic moving fine at this point. no problem looking pretty good. burlington bristol bridge we had overnight construction but it cleared then reopened all the lanes so that's looking
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pretty good as well. mass transit is on time but don't forget septa's route 101 trolley shuttle busing between providence road and orange street because of construction. >> we're looking at cloud cover this morning and cool conditions some of you in the upper 40's, some still in the low to mid-50's. by 7 o'clock we expect to be down to about 53 in philadelphia and only back up to about 56 by 9:00. once we get a little later into the morning and especially the afternoon there is the chance of some light rain. most of it pretty much on the light side but it will be a part of the package. we're going to get a high of 62 today, probably rather early, say, 1:30 or 2 o'clock and then by 5 o'clock we're back into the upper 50's so a little bit damp this afternoon. most of your rain close to i-95 and points south. up in the northern areas especially like the lehigh valley and berks county you probably don't see as much rain today. all green aircraft on the big board at the airport so no major delays just yet n atlanta we have some rain falling. tam. >> thank you david. well, does your dog get a little bit scared a little
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terrified when thunderstorms or fireworks. new jersey company says it's launching the first fda approved prescription medicine to treat dog anxiety over loud noises. owners of at least one in three dogs matt in the u.s. say this is a big problem. until now dogs were treated with human medicine like san flax or tranquilizers or behavioral therapy. drug makers says the medicine is called saleo will be available at the vet within a week. >> markets reacting to that shocker by america's most famous investor. >> warren buffet recently purchased more than a billion dollars of apple stock and he usually avoids tech stocks. >> but that move boosted the stock's value by nearly 4 percent and it may lead to more apple in your mutual fund as an increasing number of fund managers see it as an attractive stock. >> despite long security lines travelers are not complaining as much about the airlines. complaints were down in march almost 18 percent from a year earlier. >> the number of complaints in march was also 5 percent less
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than the month before. >> and applebee's is making a change to how it cooks its food. the chain is spending $75 million to converter all of its grills from gas to wood fires. >> applebee's says it will change the flavor of 40 percent of its menu items. >> pretty good. >> yes, it does. >> that's america's money. >> have a great day.
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>> ♪ >> time now for the morning buzz. one man is using public humiliation to deal with his pet peeve to call out people who text and drive as distracted driving grows as a huge issue across the country. in wyoming an an anonymous person is catching drivers in the act and uploading the video he to youtube and facebook. sometimes he confronts them. police say eight people die every day in the u.s. from distracted driving. oh, baby. a michigan couple will never forget the night that they went to see country singer garth brooks. jacob bixler says he and his fiancé emily were scheduled for a c-section on monday. however emily started having contractions during the concert on saturday. by the time garth brooks finished his final encore around 2:00 a.m., who sings that long, it seems as though their son was ready to make his entrance. the couple welcomed baby jackson around 5:30 sunday morning. mom and baby are doing well. getting down to the last couples on "dancing with the
5:27 am
stars" semifinals week and the stars brought their eight. games overnight two. couples had to go since it was a double elimination night. in the end it was so hard to say goodbye. after getting a perfect score philadelphia's own wanya morris booted from the ballroom along with antonio brown. we'll see nile demarco peter murgatroyd ginger zee competing next week. many people think ginger zee is the one to beat. she's just revealed a serious issue from the past speaking out overnight to people magazine about the anorexia she battled as a teen when she was dealing with her parents' divorce. matt. >> thank you tam. 5:27. still ahead on "action news" the shocking admission from an openly gay texas pastor who had accused whole foods markets of selling him a cake decorating with an antigay slur. and we have an update on the philadelphia funeral director who is accused of disposing of body parts as if they were trash. "action news" will be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> now on "action news," new details i'm merge about what may have happened right before last year's deadly amtrak crash and a malfunction that might have made the outcome worse. >> breaking overnight a philadelphia police officer rushes to a call on south street but ends up in the hospital instead. >> after reviewing the autopsy results on a delaware teen who died after a school fight, her family wants a seconds opinion. >> good morning. it's 5:30 now on this tuesday may 17th. let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy. he's talking rain and karen rogers has your commute. good morning. >> yeah, a little bit of light rain today in parts of the region. cloudy skies to start out and there you see those sprinkles and showers beginning to build in out to the west. we're starting out cloudy and also starting out cool. temperatures outside in philadelphia 55 degrees. you head out the door in allentown you're at just 49. so, this is definitely another one of those mornings for a jacket. the winds probably not overall as strong as yesterday but we do have a little bit of a breeze kicng


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